Aby-a-Day – Day 208 of 365

My husband commented that our other two cats, Kylie and Tessie, must be jealous of The Abys because they don’t get a “day” of their own. And he may be right. So here are Kylie and Tessie…with Abyssinians.


Tessie with Angel at the vet. Usually, Tessie tends to bully Angel…but I guess at the vet, everyone bands together against the enemy.


Jacoby and Kylie are a little closer. They have so much in common: running in the hallway, cruising for treats, going to the park…


And, because I’m sure people wonder what it looks like…dinnertime chez us. As you can see, Jake really loves his dinner!

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 208 of 365

  1. I still can’t get over Tessies coloring, she’s so pretty. And Kylie looks so much like my Snowy they could be sisters.


  2. I know…I love the combination of tortoiseshell and smoke. It’s kind of mesmerising. Although, when you brush her, her hair just looks all pale, almost white.

    Kylie and Snowy and Peggy the Wondercat could be triplets. They all look so much alike to me.


  3. Talon I love your cats! 🙂

    I had never seen Aby’s before until I started reading the blog at the Poupounette…

    I think they are a lovely breed and their colours are fabulous! Your Tessie and Kylie are lovely cats too – Are they any special breed or are they what my Mum calls Heinz 57 Moggie Cats?? 😉


    1. Kylie is a random-bred cat from Quincy, MA. We found her through a Craigslist ad; we did meet her mother, Mary Jane, who was also all white with odd eyes.

      Tessie (Bes Butterfly) is an Asian, which is a smoke European Burmese or Burmilla (the names are still evolving). They’re not recognised in the CFA, but TICA does register them and they’re common in the UK, Europe and Australia (I took Tessie to a CFA show as a Household Pet, and one of the judges commented that he hadn’t seen an Asian since he judged a show in Australia). If you look through the pages at the other end of that link, you’ll see some of Tessie’s family: Koala is Tessie’s brother, Jar Jar Binks is her father, and Teddy Bear (the longhair Burmilla or Tiffanie at the bottom of the Burmilla page) is her son! I think Koala and Tessie look alike – I’ve actually met Kim, the breeder, and Koala when I went on a trip to Oregon.

      Tessie is a black smoke tortie, which is a marvelous combination. She’s a very brindled tortie, and the red parts are a very light red, so she just looks so unusual.


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