Aby-a-Day – Day 209 of 365

Jacoby’s enthusiasm is contagious sometimes. Even a simple ride on the T turns into a fun adventure.


Angel’s Long Lost Twin Brother?

I was randomly browsing the purebred Abyssinians on Catster the other day to see how many cats I needed to click through to get to either Jacoby or Angel (I only needed to click through 7 Abys to get to Angel’s profile, which was kind of cool), and I came across Jackson aka One-Eyed Jack, a red Abyssinian in Milpitas, CA.

Needless to say, I was stunned by his similarity to Angel – they’ve even lost the same eye! She’s also from the Bay Area, though I’m not sure where (she was fostered in Pleasanton), and what I know of her story is also very much like Jack’s:

“A friend of mom’s had an aunt who was a breeder. Her colony was getting too large and was overrun with herpes. Jack and Ray share a father, and they both received ocular herpes from their mothers.”

I wonder if they’re related? It’s entirely possible.

Also, check out this photo of Travertine, a 15 year old red boy in Altadena, CA, and his Thanksgiving turkey…well, it’s almost his, anyway. If that isn’t a classic Aby photo, I don’t know what is! After all, as I once said, I totally believe that, of all cat breeds, it would be an Abyssinian who got stuck inside a turkey.