Aby-a-Day – Day 215 of 365

Today was Tessie’s 7th birthday.


Funny thing about having a birthday with Abyssinians in the house: it’s no longer really your birthday any more.


And it’s not just boy Abys who photobomb your birthday portraits, either. Even Angel had to get into a shot.


Jake just thinks that if my camera is out, I must be taking pictures of him.

Snoozer Roll Around Carrier on Sale!

I get a lot of people asking me where I got Jake’s Snoozer Roll Around Pet Carrier. I got it from Petco online, and if you’re among those who wanted to get one for your cat (or dog), Petco is having a sale on them (25% off!) until Thursday. Jake’s is a medium (for pets up to 15lbs), and besides his khaki, they come in red and black.


You know how much he loves his “wheely,” so I thought I’d share the love!