Aby-a-Day – Day 222 of 365

Angel loves the bed we put in the base of our glass coffee table.


It’s also pretty cool that we can see her in her “hiding” place.


It’s like a waterless cat aquarium!

Small Time Internet Geek Fame

I am so proud. I sent an action photo of Jake in his fighter plane to ThinkGeekand they posted it!

Granted, it’s just ThinkGeek…but it’s stil awesome.

Cute Kitten Alert!

Paper Roll 3

Peter Hasselbom, my personal Aby photog hero, just posted some wonderful photos of Abys playing with a roll of toilet paper. I don’t know what it is with Abys and TP, but there’s an undeniable attraction. Jake killed a few rolls in his day:


Gun-Hee preferred paper towels, though…

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