Aby-a-Day – Day 227 of 365

This weekend was the Sales Tax Holiday in Massachusetts. To celebrate, my husband and I went to the Apple Store on Boylston Street to get our new iPhones. We took Jacoby along with us, since it was a nice day, and because we knew that well-behaved pets are allowed in the Apple Store. And it was the first real-life trial of Jake’s new stroller.

He was so calm and relaxed, it was incredible.


He was also undaunted by the long line.


And he was completely fascinated by watching people go up and down the big glass spiral staircase.


A small dog didn’t escape his notice, either. This was one of at least four dogs we saw in the store.


The number of people didn’t faze him a bit. At one point, he was surrounded by three young boys, all reaching into the stroller and petting him at once. He didn’t even blink, which made me so happy. That’s actually one of the things they test for when certifying therapy animals.


He did get a little bored after a while, though.


In the end, though, we emerged from the Apple store victorious, and went to catch the bus home with our new iPhone firmly in paw.

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