Aby-a-Day – Day 228 of 365

We went home from the Apple Store on the #9 bus after getting our iPhones. The subway is usually the best way to go anywhere in Boston, but in some cases the bus is actually more direct.


Jacoby’s ridden on a bus before when we’ve gone to see the vet, but this was the first time he’s been able to have a view out the windows.


One completely great thing that happened while we were on the bus was that a woman sitting near us happened to drop her cane, which fell to the floor with a loud bang. Jake barely noticed it; he may have flicked an ear in the direction of the sound, but he wasn’t at all startled. This is another thing he’ll be tested for in his therapy pet partner evaluation; when I was helping out, we actually dropped a set of crutches. So his not reacting to a loud crash is awesome.