Aby-a-Day – Day 229 of 365

After standing in line for such a good chunk of my Saturday afternoon to get an iPhone 4, we couldn’t wait to try its most awesome new feature: Facetime.

It’s pretty cool. As long as you have a WiFi connection and the person on the other end is also on an iPhone 4, you can see each other, or you can show each other what you can see. I can see it coming in super handy when one of us is travelling and the other is at home, because one of the first things the person who’s not home will ask is, “how are the kitties?”

We may never need to ask that question again.


Oh hai thar!


I’m on ur iPhone, smudgin’ ur touchscreen.

Nice Abyssinian in Need – Ft. Collins, CO

Abyfan Redkite7 emailed me to let me know about a Craigslist ad for a handsome (and nice!) ruddy boy named Keiko who needs a new home. According to the listing (and judging by the photos), he’s been well taken care of; they say they’re rehoming him simply because they aren’t able to give him the love and attention he needs.

A special cat, Keiko is his name. Abyssinians are very low dander-Hypo allergenic cats! Keiko is 4 years old very pleasant and neutered. Has all of his shots and has been well taken care of. He needs personal love and attention that we cannot give him due to our other pets. He is great around kids but would be great also around elders.

Contact Andy at 690-5934 if interested. A small re-homing fee and personal interview/home visit may be required..

If you’re in the area and have always wanted an Abyssinian overlord – I mean protector – of your own, this could be your golden opportunity!