Aby-a-Day – Day 230 of 365

Jacoby’s been grabbing the spotlight a lot lately, because of all the outings and the ramping up for his therapy cat evaluation next month, and because he’s kind of a ham, let’s face it.

So here’s Angel, sleeping super cutely on the cat tree.


Other People’s Abys – All Aboard!

This is just so typically Abyssinian (and particulary boy Abyssinian!) I just had to share it with you.

Nysidra’s Aby CJ loves boxes: CJ loves boxes, Misty, not at all.


He needs to shelter in them, so I made him a roof. He waited patiently inside till I was done. He’s waiting on me to take him on a train ride through the house.


I just hope Jake doesn’t see this…it’s bad enough he likes me to “zoom zoom” him really fast in his stroller!