Aby-a-Day – Day 238 of 365

Angel had a hard first year (bad cattery situation, being taken to the pound, having an eye infection, having her eye removed and a prosthesis put in, her body rejecting the prosthesis, and being bullied by resident cats in her foster home), and she still bears the emotional scars of that on her psyche…but she’s still an Abyssinian. And as an Aby, she gets very passionate and determined when it comes to certain things. Things like affection.


She had jumped up on the sofa to give my husband some guerrilla loving, with machine gun purring and full-contact headbutts…when I started snapping photos with my iPhone (the only camera I had within reach, so apologies for the quality).


Having caught her attention, I was clearly doomed…a helpless victim to this mighty predator’s ferocious and unrelenting kneading attack.





This was accompanied with high-volume purring and some slightly slobbery nuzzling. Angel does nothing halfway.