Aby-a-Day – Day 241 of 365

As a friend once said, Abyssinians aren’t “holding” cats – they’re “petting” cats. And that’s true. Just Google “Abyssinian,” “Lap” and “Cat” and pretty much every link you get will tell you that Abys are not lap cats.


But what the websites and books don’t tell you is…they are head cats.


It’s true. I haven’t been feeling well this weekend, so I laid down to read and take a nap yesterday.


Jacoby came with me, and laid down on my head.


If that isn’t love…then I guess it’s a good thing he’s cute.

I took these with the front camera on my iPhone 4, which is much lower resolution than the “main” camera on the back…but even though it doesn’t take great photos, it still has its uses

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