Aby-a-Day – Day 243 of 365

Jacoby loves it when we wash the sheets and make the bed. He comes running from wherever he is in the house to “help.”


He was apparently sleeping when we started to make the bed on Sunday. He’s not quite awake in this photo.


He woke up pretty quickly, however.


Attacked by the duvet cover!


He breaks free from the cover’s flowery clutches!




He remains on guard for a second attack. The cover seems to have called in the duvet for reinforcement.


But Jacoby fiercely battles it into submission as well.


Without Jake’s eternal vigilance, it’d be curtains for the free world!

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 243 of 365

  1. ALL cats seem to love hindering the Changing Of The Sheets. They adore getting up on the bed and having you floof (that’s the future tense of “fluff”) the top sheet over them. Any time I change the bed, I have to repeatedly lift the top sheet and fluff it so a cat can lunge into the air bubble trapped underneath it, or pounce on the trapped air bubbles from above it, or attack the cat who lunged underneath the sheet. This would continue for an hour except my arms get too tired. When I was a kid, my Dad scored a torn parachute and brought it home from work. We’d gather on the lawn and half the neighborhood kids would grab it by the edges, whoosh it upwards, and fight our way underneath it toward the center. Maybe the cats are onto something, because it was hecka fun! (Obviously this was back before video games.) – BJ


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