Aby-a-Day – Day 244 of 365

The fun thing about living with Abyssinians is…well, they’re nuts. I save the green shipping bags from LL Bean because they make the best scooped-litter-disposal bags I’ve ever found. I had just gotten something I’d ordered from them and was planning on using this bag for that evening’s scoop, when Jacoby crept inside…


…and started biting it.


I can’t remember exactly what was in there, but whatever it was, it wasn’t anything that could possibly have smelled that good to a cat.


There definitely wasn’t anything in that bag that was worth licking!


Yeah…I have no idea what the attraction was.


He seriously perforated the edge of the bag, though.


And he seemed to be really proud of himself, too. As well he might – I mean, just look at all those bite holes!


Nom nom nom…