Random Abyssinians – I can find them anywhere!

This is funny, and totally seems to be the way my life works. Yesterday, I searched Google Images for Sheldon’s Couch (from The Big Bang Theory) because I had an idea for a Photoshop/LOLcat.

And amongst the photos of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the gang that came up, I found this:

Phoenix & Pharaoh Sunbathing

And I said to myself, “Hey, those look like Abys!” But that particular link was broken, so I did some investigating and found a blog called “Mi Vida Occupada” written by a woman who owns four cats (two Abyssinians) and takes tons of photographs of them and of other things.

Their names are Pharaoh (a fawn boy) and Phoenix (a red boy), who are, of course, typical Abys…

Raise the Roof!

But seriously, who else could possibly do a random Google search for something not even remotely related to Abyssinians…and find not only Abys, but a like-minded Aby person? I have no idea how I do it.

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