Aby-a-Day – Day 249 of 365

I don’t know if it’s all Abys, but Jacoby and Angel have a funny way of sitting. Sort of all…flat.


Angel loves to lie like this on our hardwood floors. It’s not a summer heat thing, I don’t think, because we have central air conditioning.


And Jake does it, too. I’ve never noticed Kylie or Tessie lying like this, but the Abys seem to do it a lot.

Abys in Need! New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and Calfornia – plus some STILL homeless Abys

I haven’t looked for Abyssinians up for adoption on Petfinder for almost three months! Far too long, I know. And there are quite a few Abys to be found in shelters across the country (not as many as the 19 pages that come up in a search for Abyssinians, which include Siamese, black kittens, tabbies-and-white and a lot of lovely non-Abys (I think the shelters list them as “Abyssinians” to keep them up at the top of alphabetical lists).

Still, I found 11 Abyssinians in shelters or foster homes.

Burger got his name “because one evening my human guardians were eating burgers and I snatched one off the table! Ha! Ha!” He seems to have been rescued from the same place that Bentley came from.

Kossi is an absolutely stunning red Aby girl being fostered in Jersey City. “She’s a sweet 6 year old Ruddy Red Abyssinian and every day she proves to us that even adult cats can be curious, playful and more active than our younger cats. Have you ever wanted a cat to help oversee housework or help you decide what’s for dinner? If you’re doing it, Kossi wants to be a part of it. Rest assured this sweet and silly girl will keep you smiling for hours…If you would like more information about Kossi, please contact her foster mom at j.l.fraley@gmail.com.”

Rocky may not be a purebred Aby, but he certainly looks like one. He’s in Arlington, VA, and “he loves attention and squeaks with joy when you pet him. His owners could not take care of him now that he is a known diabetic. They were going to put him to sleep but one of our veterinarian’s decided to foster him until we can find him a home. He will need insulin shots every day.” If you can’t adopt Rocky but want to help, you can contact Amber at abyrne624@gmail.com to find out about sponsorship, fostering, and other ways you can help him.

Mushu is a really tragic figure. This handsome Aby (he’s either a Ruddy or a Blue, it’s hard to tell from the photo) is 7 years old and was rescued from the high-kill humane shelter his first family dumped him at after having him neutered…and declawed. His listing says: “Unfortunately, he suffers from chronic urinary tract infections and paw pain (very sensitive to touch), and the result of these issues is that he doesn’t use the litterbox. We are currently trying to clicker train him to eliminate only on potty pads and the poor guy is doing his best. We have seen him shaking his paw after he jumps off the counter (like it is stinging), and he cannot sit for long without repositioning himself because he is too uncomfortable putting his weight on his front declawed paws (you can see that he’s doing this in his adoption photo!), so his rehabilitation is going to take some time and a lot of patience. Poor Mushu is a nervous sort of “stressed out” type of cat and routinely tears the fur from his backside with his teeth, so he is mostly bald on his back and sides. Despite his daily discomfort though, Mushu still loves a warm lap to cuddle in and his most favorite pastime is rolling around in cat nip!” There is also quite a lot of information on his listing about the evils of declawing, so even if you can’t adopt him, it’s still worthwhile to take a look. I actually learned some things I didn’t know before. Mushu is fostered by Community CATalysts TNR Network, a network of independent foster homes in Cincinnati, OH that can be contacted at woodhousecat@aol.com.

Angel is in a shelter in Jefferson, LA. “Angel’s owner could no longer care for her. She is gentle and sweet but somewhat bewildered at what the Fates have wrought. She’s a little shy at the moment, so, she will need a loving, peaceful home,” says her Petfinder listing.

These two boys completely blow me away! George and Raider are purebred Somalis fostered in San Antonio, TX. They were born in February, and released to rescue when their breeder lost his house. George is a Cinnamon Silver (rare in the States), and Raider is a Red, and they’re both just stunning. Hard to believe these guys need homes!

Chelsea is listed as an Aby/Devon Rex cross, but she looks like a purebred Fawn Aby with a little too much white on her chin and muzzle to me – I mean, just look at those eyes! She’s in a shelter in Divide, CO.

Last, but definitely not least, we have TBird in Northern California. TBird was rescued by Purebreds Plus, the same rescue who saved my very own one-eyed Angel; TBird is even being fostered at the same house that Angel lived in.

The bad news, however, is that Jared and CJ, the Abyssinians in Need I posted about back in May and Bentley, who I posted about back in June, still have not found their forever homes (Bentley has a few more photos on his listing now; I still can’t tell if he’s a purebred Red, but he certainly looks jaunty with his bent, post-hematoma ear).