Aby-a-Day – Day 254 of 365

Jacoby and I have our Delta Society Pet Partner therapy team assessment tomorrow. I’m not nervous, exactly, but I’m pretty excited for the test. It’s been pretty much my major focus all summer long.

One thing that we started doing is going to the SoWa Open Market in the South End. It’s not at all far from where we live, and it’s great practice for therapy visits. One time we went, a little girl just fell in love with Jake and not only hugged and kissed him, but she took her doll and put it in his stroller so it could kiss him, too. We tried to go last Sunday for one last practice run before the assessment, but it was closed for the holiday weekend. That was disappointing, since we won’t have time to go tomorrow.

The market has a great outdoor craft fair and farmer’s market, and inside is an antique mall. Jake even had his photo taken by the official market photographer!

SoWa Open Market - August 1st


Jake seems to think that apron would look a lot better with cats on it instead of dogs.


Inside there are huge fans running to keep it cool. Jake is unfazed by the noise and the wind produced by these mini-turbines.


He is also unimpressed by a bossy chihuahua’s attitude.


He handles being around strangers’ feet and petting hands with aplomb. I hope that means he’s ready for the exam tomorrow.