Aby-a-Day – Day 256 of 365

As promised, here are some photos of Team Jacoby becoming certified Pet Partners yesterday. The assessment was done at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Grafton. I must thank my husband not only for driving us there but also for taking all of these photos!


Jake in the waiting room before our test. They were actually running a bit behind schedule so we had to wait longer than we expected. There was a dog there who was also waiting to be recertified, and of course Jake had to go check him out.


Here we are meeting with Deb just before the actual assessment began. You can see that Jake, while accepting pettin’s from Deb, is also getting distracted by my husband and the camera. “Hey Dad! Watcha doing over there?”


Here he is being handled and brushed by a stranger. Jake’s pretty much fine with people who want to pay attention to him. Shocking, I know. In case you’re curious, I am wearing my “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this” T-shirt, which I thought was appropriate to the situation.


This is a part of the test called “Out For a Walk,” for which cats can be carried (dogs have to walk both ways), but we actually walked the course one way and I carried him on the way back. I’ve always said Jake has an incredible “follow” instinct, and he didn’t let me down this time.


This part of the test involved Jake going to sit in three different strangers’ laps, with me encouraging him.


This bit was a little trickier – he had to sit and stay on each person’s lap without jumping off and without them (or me) interacting with him – this was the one test I was most worried about, as you can imagine, but he actually managed to sit still on all three laps for at least 10 seconds! Not bad for an Aby.


Here he is being petted and handled by a stranger wearing “different” attire (hat and shawl) and using a walker while there’s an argument going on behind him. I thought the Red Sox hat was appropriate.


Jake being petted by a mob all at once. We know he’s good at this one, although he usually does it on the ground or in his stroller, not in my arms.


And, at last, here he is relaxing after it was all over…flat on the floor! I know I just posted about both him and Angel lying like this just last week, but it still never fails to make me laugh.

So that’s it! Now we just mail in the paperwork and wait for our credentials. And that’s what I did on my summer vacation.

I Can Has Tiny Abyssinian?

Since I was busy with Jacoby yesterday, I didn’t see this post at I Can Has Cheezburger.com until today…

I love that it’s a MacBook cord box that he’s sitting on…I could totally see Jake doing that as a baby! He already parks himself on my husband’s laptop in much the same way.