Little Aby Foo-Foo…

Back in July, I discovered FooPets, and their virtual Abyssinians. Since then, I’ve been playing with my Foo Abys.


I started out with Jakey…and now I have Angel, Gun-Hee and Dillin. It’s actually a pretty cool little website, and the animals are quite well done. The Abyssinians, especially, are very detailed and carefully researched. The site was created by a veterinarian, and FooPet owners need to feed, water, groom, play with and, yes, even walk or scoop the litter boxes of their online pets. You can also pet them, and their reactions to his are rather realistic:


Doesn’t that look familar?

One of my absolute favourite aspects of FooPets is a little game called “Heart Park.” It’s just so much fun to make the little Aby run, jump and swim in the park, collecting hearts. And the park is just so pretty: flowers, trees, tall grass, hills, a pond…Take a look:


jakey1.45.09 AM

When he leaves the pond, he has to take a moment and shake himself. It’s pretty adorable. If you’re careful, you can even break out of Heart Park and run around the outside landscape, which is just as detailed and realised as the scenery inside the park.

jakey1.22.54 AM

jakey1.19.35 AM

jakey1.27.30 AM


Here’s a video of Jakey running though Heart Park, and while it’s lo-res and kind of crappy, it shows the action in the game really well.

Another thing that you can do with your FooPets is breed them. There are rules, and it’s expensive and time-consuming (just like real life!) but it’s also kind of fun. Right now, Angel and Gun-Hee are expecting a litter which is due today:


I can’t wait to meet the kittens!

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