Aby-a-Day – Day 263 of 365

Angel is such a California girl…she just loves to lounge in the sun!

angelsun 016

Here she is stretched out on her California fleece blanket, enjoying some mid-autumn afternoon rays.

angelsun 017

And, of course, we love to take photos of her when she strikes her sunbathing beauty poses. In this case, the iPhones were handy, so that’s what we used.

angelsun 018

“I’m ready for my close up,” says Angel.


Angel and Gun-Hee had five babies!


They’re awfully cute.


I’ve given them all Warrior names: The girls, Poppykit and Pansykit, are named for flowers, and the boys, Maplekit, Ginkgokit and Cedarkit, are named for trees. It’s silly, I know, but it’s so exciting.