Aby-a-Day – Day 265 of 365

Because it has 5 megapixels and a flash, I find myself using my iPhone 4 camera more often than I used the iPhone 3G camera. It is often easier to access and more convenient than my Nikon. And, as I said in my other post earlier today, the only really bad shot is the one you missed, so I don’t mind including cellphone photos in my portfolio.

angeltree 035

This photo absolutely cracks me up. It was meant to be a photo of Angel on the cat tree, but you know Jacoby can’t stay out of the spotlight…he has to be the spotlight!

10 Tips for Great Cat Photos from Catster

I get emails from Catster on a regular basis, and some of them are actually very interesting and, I think, useful. Since I’ve been living with and reading about cats for 40+ years at this point, I’m a bit jaded; it’s not easy to find something that I haven’t already read a hundred times before.

But this article: 10 Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Cat, has some really awesome suggestions, and things I actually do all the time myself. I can personally vouch for the Gorillapod tripod, and of course, you’ve seen my Cat Collar Cam photos (which reminds me, I need to get photos from inside Jake’s stroller). And, as I always say, don’t worry about the camera you use, just use your camera!

Like this morning. I wish I’d had my phone or something with me. I was in the bathroom getting ready for work, and Jacoby was behind the partially-open bathroom door, cautiously investigating either the shower curtain or something in the tub (I couldn’t tell). Then, through the gap between the doorframe and the door, just underneath the bottom hinges, a pink-padded red paw came snaking through and poked Jake in the flank.

He jumped a mile! And I could not stop giggling. Angel had staged the perfect sneak attack and really gotten Jake. She then peered around the edge of the door and Jake leapt at her and chased her into the other room…but it was just so classic. I wish I had had something to capture that with me…

Case in point: the only bad photo is the one you can’t or don’t take.