Aby-a-Day – Day 268 of 365

I feel awful. We got rid of the old glass coffee table. We have three new Ramvik side tables from IKEA that we use as a sort of modular, configurable, multi-piece sofa table.

Which is nice, because that glass table was unwieldy and, well, kind of ugly. It smudged so easily that it never looked clean, and it was heavy. Neither of us humans really liked it.


But Angel loved it.



I mean, she seriously loved it. It was her den, her hideout…which, considering that it was made of glass is kind of ironic, since it was completely see-through.


But it was her happy place.


The Ramvik table does have a space underneath, and we have one put together without the glass shelf to make room for her round, fleece cat bed…


…I just hope that’s good enough for her.