Aby-a-Day – Day 269 of 365

Good news! We put Angel’s round fleece cat bed (which has a charming Siamese cat print on it; I got it in 1995 for my Siamese, Harri) into one of the new Ramvik tables (with the glass shelf omitted) and just left it there for her to find.


And find it she did.


It’s hard to tell if she likes it more or less than underneath the old coffeetable, for two reasons: one, there was a Red Sox-Yankees game on ESPN, so Angel was on the TV table all night; and two, Kylie’s been in that bed since my husband put her in it because Angel was watching the game.

Well, it finally happened…

Jake and I were out today at the SoWa Vintage Market, and someone took one look at the two of us and said, “I know you! You’re Aby-a-Day!” He had an Aby, and he’d seen the blog before he’d met me and Jacoby.

That’s pretty cool. Amongst all the people who post photos of their cats on the internet, someone recognised us!