Aby-a-Day – Day 273 of 365

It’s late September in New England, and lovely warm days are becoming scarce. When a nice day comes along, it needs to be appreciated and enjoyed to its fullest.

Saturday was just such a day, with temperatures in the 80’s and not a lot of humidity, cloud-free with the leaves just starting to change from green to red and orange. Jacoby and I went to Boston Common, where we discovered a carousel near the Frog Pond.


There was a cat on it, so we had to go and get a closer look at it.


There’s a marvelous carousel in Golden Gate Park that has two Siamese cats on it. I love it when carousels have cats to ride.

7 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 273 of 365

  1. Hi. I came across you through live journal-spo a bit ago. That’s a great picture. The clarity, color and composition really grabbed my attention. And Jake looks like he’s pure muscle.


    1. I have been thinking that, too…although, as leashes go, it kind of matches the carousel! What I’d really like to ‘shop out is his harness.

      I’m still going to use it on my family calendar that I make each year…I’m thinking it’ll be a good one for July or August.


  2. Real carousels have cats and other animals, Merry-go-rounds have just horses.
    I did a huge research project about restoring antique carousels a few years back. Did you know there is a carousel museum in Connecticut.
    The pictures are great.


  3. Very cool! I love how the carousel cat’s left paw is held up in a realistic catlike way, too. Nice detailing.


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