Aby-a-Day – Day 282 of 365

A silly self-portrait of Jake and me on the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.


My “Check Meowt” shirt is from Feral for Life, which helps fund helping Brooklyn’s independent rescuers continue to help the borough’s homeless cats and kittens. It’s cute and helpful!

Abys on your iPhone: Cat Reversi

As is my wont, I was randomly searching the iTunes App Store for new cat applications when I discovered Cat Reversi. Which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Reversi (aka Othello), with two different types of cats instead of dark and light-sided disks. And one of the types of cats you can choose is an Aby.

When I discovered it was by the same creator of Petting Really Cat Abyssinian, it made more sense. Abyssinians are crazy popular in Japan, right up there with Scottish Folds and Munchkins. When I went to Pet City in Tokyo, there were two little Aby kittens playing happily in a pen – not a common site in a pet shop in most places in the world!

I love this concept. A little army of Aby minions to help you take over a 64-square world? Sign me up!