Aby-a-Day – Day 292 of 365

I’m finally going through photos I took in July and August, and I’m finding some hilarious shots I’d totally forgotten about.

This series is posted exactly in order as they were snapped over July 4th weekend. Jake was helping me in the kitchen when the movement of the water in the swimming pool caught his attention.




Okay, so it’s not quite Standing Cat, but it’s still pretty funny.

Cat vs Human: This is exactly what it’s like to eat with an Aby

This recent cartoon from Cat vs. Human is spot on; this is exactly what it’s like to eat with an Aby in the house. Notice that in her cartoon, the colour is distinctly Aby-like…

It’s not just spaghetti with them, either. It’s food. Jake and Angel both will not only come over and investigate what I’m eating, but they both reach out with their “hands” and will pull my utensil, plate or bowl away from me if I let them. Angel is especially sneaky; she comes around behind me on the arm of the sofa and I often don’t know she’s there until I see the red paw trying to grab my plate or my fork!