Aby-a-Day – Day 294 of 365

Of all the possible kitty combinations in our family, the least likely (and the least stable) one is that of Tessie and Angel. As the oldest and youngest females (who both came into the household as adults), respectively, they seem to have the most problems in the dominance arena.


That’s what makes photos like this one especially sweet.

Itteh Bitteh Aby Committeh – Part 2

I’m convinced that I Can Has Cheezburger is trying to kill me. It was bad enough when they posted that painfully cute little Aby kitten last week…they went and did it again this week!

The fact that it may well even be the same Aby kitten as before doesn’t mitigate the fact that they are not Cute Overload! They need to stop with the lethal levels of adorability!

Sigh…he is a little cutie, though, isn’t he?