Aby-a-Day – Day 295 of 365

Jacoby and Angel are probably the closest friends, so much so that I really believe that purebred cats recognise members of the same breed. Maybe the similar genetics make them smell more alike, I don’t know, but when Jake came home for the first time, he and Angel were playing together by the end of the weekend.

But when Jake wants mothering, he comes to Tessie. It’s not unusual for Jake to appear out of nowhere and cuddle up to Tessie while she’s sleeping and insinuate himself so that she wakes up and starts grooming him.


I’m almost certain that’s what happened here.

Other People’s Abys – The Daily Kitten(s)!

Abyfan Martinjh99 sent me a link to today’s featured Daily Kittens: Three handsome boys named First, Second and Third. They live in St. Petersburg (formerly known as Leningrad) and they even have their own website, AbySphere! How did I not know about this before?

The photos are spectacular. Look at this cheeky baby backtalking mom!

Definitely add this to your list of daily reads! Thank you, Martin!