Aby-a-Day – Day 299 of 365

(Continued from yesterday’s post…)

Jacoby and I went back to the vet today to have his foot checked. We had to hide the food at midnight in case they needed to sedate him and stitch up the wound.

Dr. KC carefully unwrapped his bandages. It was so suspenseful, it reminded me of that Twilight Zone episode where they unwrap the “ugly” girl’s face bandages. What would we discover under the absorbent padding and tape?

Happily, his foot is healing well. One pad has a cut which isn’t closed up all the way yet, but it already has nice granulation tissue. This was also our first chance to really get a good look at the extend of the damage without blood getting in our way. His foot is slightly swollen, so they gave him Metacam*, an anti-inflammatory, to take along with his Clavamox.

The doctor decided against stitches because the skin is healing well and sutures might cause the area more trauma. She also recommended we “keep him quiet” and perhaps “isolate him in one room”…I said I’d do my best…but he is an Abyssinian! We couldn’t keep him isolated when he was a tiny kitten, and we couldn’t keep him quiet after his neutering operation. But I’ll definitely give it my best shot.


Here’s Jake with his fresh new “no chew” bandage. You’ll notice that the bandage section on the end of his foot and around the top are not no chew…tomorrow, I’ll show you how I kept him from pulling it off.

(To be continued…)

* I know there is some controversy around using Metacam in cats. He isn’t getting a very large dose at all and he’s only taking it through Thursday.