Aby-a-Day – Day 300 of 365

(Continued from yesterday’s post…)

I made Jacoby a little sock out of a fabric hair band to keep him from worrying his bandages off despite the bitter “no chew” flavouring.


I chose a white one because I was least likely to wear it, and because it looked like a miniature plaster cast. I signed his “cast” with get well messages from the other cats.


He still tried to take it off, though.


He also got a little confused sometimes and thought his sock-enclosed foot was a toy…must have been the pain meds! Although in his defense, it did kind of look like a Hot Cat.


And of course, he wasn’t above playing up his injuries to his very dramatic advantage!


However, the white sock got a little dingy from normal use (especially trips to the litterbox) and it seemed the knot on the end, while it made a good bumper and afforded extra protection to the end of his foot, was annoying him in the “I keep seeing that thing out of the corner of my eye and it’s bugging the crap out of me!” kind of way. He was also pulling at the top of the sock with his teeth and tearing it, so I had to add another bandage at the top. This is how it looked by Monday night.

So, when we came home from getting the bandage re-wrapped at the vet, I set about creating a new and improved sock.


This time, I used a black hair band, and turned it inside out so the knot end was hidden. I also left the other end longer and folded it in so he’d be less likely to bite at the top of the sock.


Behold, Sock 2.0! Jake seems to approve of the modifications – just look at those happy paws.

(To be continued…)

Uncle Jakey!

I got some good news from Sherry (Jacoby and Gun-Hee’s breeder) on Monday: Jake is now an uncle! His brother Dillin and Siren from Eszencia cattery had four kittens! It looks like there are three boys and a girl…

Siren x Dillin litter Oct. 25 2010

Look at the proud mama and her kits! I love this photo…the colour saturation reminds me of Kodachrome prints from the 60’s.