Aby-a-Day – Day 304 of 365

Inspired by his injury, here is Jacoby dressed in his Halloween costume: An Egyptian cat mummy!


Beware the curse of Bastet’s sacred mummy!


To avoid suffering the mummy’s wrath, you must appease him with an offering (preferably something seafood-flavoured).

I am Aby, Hear me RAWR!

Imagine my delight when I saw this little cutie on I Can Has Cheezburger today…

Other people’s Abys – Recycled Aby greetings

This completely cracked me up when I found it. Back in March, I posted my collection of Abyssinian greeting cards. One of the cards I featured pictures a rather phlegmatic little ruddy kitten:

So the last time I was at CVS, I checked out this year’s crop of Halloween cards and I found this…

It’s the same Aby kitten! He’s just got vampire fangs and a cape drawn on. The text of the card is the same, too, except with “halloween” in the place of “birthday.”

Although, I suppose it worked, didn’t it? I bought the same card again!