Aby-a-Day – Day 305 of 365

Not to be outdone by Jacoby, Angel also donned a Halloween costume.


Avast ye! Beware the Dred Pirate Angel!


I think she was a little peeved at Jake for not being a ninja again this year. There isn’t any accepted standard coolness factor for Pirates vs. Mummies.

Happy Aby Holidays – Etsy Cat Toys

To celebrate the start of the holiday season, each day in November the Daily Abyssinian will feature gift ideas for Abys, their humans, and their feline brethren. Starting off this new feature are some of our favourite handmade cat toys from the wonderful world of Etsy. I always say the best cat toys are the ones that are the ones you always see, and these are the ones that never seem to get lost under furniture at our house.


First on the list is Oh Boy Cat Toys, your one-stop shopping destination for catnip toys in the shape of things you never imagined as cat nip toys. Things like mugs of beer, Van Gogh’s ear, dentures and bearded clams. For an extra touch of surreality, many of these toys feature big, cartoony eyes.

To my delight, one of their staple items is Catnip Tacos, which of course I had to buy for Jacoby.

Another favourite is Catzilla Crafts‘ catnip pies, cookies, cakes, donuts and eclairs. These never seem to lose their charm with our cats; in fact, just this morning I kicked a slice of catnip Key Lime Pie out of the bathroom. Katy also makes wonderful crochet cacti (for those who can’t even keep those alive).


No discussion of catnip toys would be complete without mention of K. Grant Designs‘ kitty cannoli, stuffed martini olives, fortune cookies and crispy catnip bacon. The bacon is a particular favourite of Jake’s, and in last week’s photos of his bandaged foot you may have noticed one of the fortune cookies. What really makes these fun is the packaging: the olives are nestled inside a plastic martini glass, the fortune cookies arrive at your door in a Chinese take-out container.

And to go with your catnip food, be sure to pick up some catnip condiments at Polydactyl Cats. You can choose from Soy Sauce, Duck Sauce, Hot Mustard, and Hot Sauce (squirting or not). Randi has also recently introduced realistic catnip hash brown patties to her menu. The catnip she uses is so strong, you can actually smell it on the envelope when it comes in the mail! Be sure to double-bag this before wrapping or it may not make it to Xmas unopened.

Finally, while people have differing opinions on fur, cats love it. There’s something about a toy made of real fur that synthetic fibers just don’t have…but combine fur with catnip, and you have an irresistible combination for the cat on your holiday shopping list. Kitty of Mine makes cat toys from recycled mink, fox, and rabbit coats (all farmed fur, too); one of the favourites in my house is the 7″ long body pillow. It’s funny to see how these get used: someone will lose a scuffle, and immediately turn on the mink toy to get even!

So why settle for mice and jingle bells? Stuff your kitties’ stockings with something different this year.