Aby-a-Day – Day 306 of 365

Tomorrow Jacoby and I go back to the vet again to see how his foot is healing. If the cut still isn’t improving, he will need to have stitches, and more bandages. And, most likely, more Clavamox®. Jake’s getting really tired of the bandage and the sock on his foot, but I think he’s getting more fed up with the twice daily doses of the Clavamox drops. It’s been a week and a half, and it’s at the point where, when I say his name and head for the fridge, he hides. This morning, he sought refuge in a box I’m saving to pack things in for storage. He wasn’t terribly stealthy about getting into the box, although he thought he had been.


“Ha! I am hiding! Mom won’t ever find me here!”
Then, the camera shutter clicks (on iPhones, it’s a fairly loud, old-school shutter sound).



Happy Aby Holidays – Obey the Breed and other Aby-Themed Gifts

What can you get for the human in your Aby’s – or any breed’s – life? One of my favourites is Obey the Purebreed on CafePress, who sells “propaganda for dog and cat world rule.” and, as a part of this quest for global domination, Abyssinans are amply represented (of course).

Not only do they have an “Obey” design (of which there are variants for several dog and cat breeds), but there is also a special Aby “Big Brother is Watching You” design.

Once you’ve bought one of everything they have, you can always search CafePress for other Abyssinian items. They seem to be constantly adding new items that can have graphics added (I love the Sigg bottles, and they’ve just started offering Thermos products).

Definitely something to keep in mind for the Aby person with everything.

Vote For Louis!

It’s Election Day here in the States, but this campaign involves Katscan’s lovely Canuck boy, who is in a Facebook photo contest. Louis is just starting his career as a show cat (as an alter, he’s neutered), so please may I present to you, in all his glory, Phoenixabys King Louis Cat Toes:


This is the photo that is entered – The winner will receive a professional photo shoot! Here’s what you do:

1. Go to the Luv U Pets” site and “like” the page.

2. Go to the photo of Louis on Facebook and write “Vote” in the comments.

The candidate with the most votes received by Nov 15th wins! Only one vote per person allowed, so be sure to tell a friend. Louis thanks you!