Aby-a-Day – Day 308 of 365

Tuesday was Election Day here in the US, and there were elections for Governors, Senators and Congressmen. Most of the country ran red with blood conservatism, but here in Massachusetts the Democrats carried the day and our status as a blue state survived intact.


Angel wants you all to know that Eye Voted.

Happy Aby Holidays – Find Feline Happiness at IKEA

As you might imagine, based on their famous feline infused commercial, IKEA and cats just go together. And, even though the company recently discontinued all their pet products, there are still plenty of presents for your kitties to be found at your local IKEA.

First, there’s some good cat items in the kids department. They have the cute Koja tent, which reminds me of the kitty tent they used to sell. And the little stuffed Gosig Mus toy mice are great cat toys at only $1.49 USD each even without catnip inside (which, of course, is easily added if you’re handy with a seam ripper and a needle and thread).

In the furniture areas, there are items that can be adapted for feline use. Poäng footstool in Lockarp white or grey, is made of sheepskin and wood, and makes a great raised cat bed.

IKEA also gas a great collection of furniture made of rattan, seagrass, banana leaves and other fibrous materials that make wonderful and decorative scratching areas that are often much less expensive than conventional cat trees. The Alseda stool, a round cushion made of woven banana leaves, makes a fantastic nap and scratch place for $29.99 USD.


Even regular furniture can be transformed into things for cats. IKEA Hacker has a whole section on taking the furniture pieces and modifying them into beds, litter cabinets, climbers, wall shelves and dining areas. Of course, simply removing a shelf and adding a bed can turn an end table into a kitty cave.


But I think the cats’ favourite IKEA item is the simplest. The classic Rens sheepskin, which only comes in white/natural, has been well-loved by every cat I’ve ever known – and they’re actually machine washable if you are careful. There is also a slightly larger version, the Ludde sheepskin which comes in grey or white/natural. They both make warm, insulated, comfortable places for sleeping and kneading, and really, that’s all a cat really wants for the holidays.


Just ask Tessie!