Aby-a-Day – Day 310 of 365

It was two weeks ago today that Jacoby had his accident on the escalator. Of course, before it happened, it was just an everyday, ordinary outing on the T. And as such, I took some everyday, ordinary photos of Jake along the way.


Here he is, on the outbound Orange line platform at Downtown Crossing, sitting in one of the holes where a pay phone used to be.

Happy Aby Holidays – Oh what fun it is to ride!

This may not be the gift for everyone, but some kitties would love nothing more than to find their very own stroller under the tree on Christmas morning. If you know such a cat, there is no better place to buy a stroller than Just Pet Strollers.

As you might divine from the URL, all this store sells is pet strollers, and they know what they’re doing. They offer reasonable prices (I haven’t seen anything cheaper except eBay), free shipping, and sparkling customer service.


There are also some great resources for cats with strollers on Catster, too. There are more cats with strollers than you might think