Aby-a-Day – Day 311 of 365


Jacoby strikes a royal pose as he shows off his Egyptian collar.

Happy Aby Holidays – Cat furniture that fits in with the people furniture

The problem with most cat furniture is that it’s designed more for the cats who use it and less for the humans who have to look at it. Which means that if you have cats, sometimes you have to sacrifice style for their happiness. But why? Why can’t cat furniture be equally pleasing to our eyes and our cats’ paws? Happily, there are several companies out there that have asked that same question.

One such company is Square Cat Habitat whose “modern furniture designed for cats and their owners” features clean lines and environmentally friendly materials. They are also one of the innovators in the field of cat wall shelves, which afford your cats a place to climb without taking up floorspace.

Another company, The Refined Feline, not only sells furniture for climbing and scratching, but also has a selection of litter box cabinets which help apartment dwellers reclaim their bathrooms.


Although the website is currently down for renovations, DK Cat is still accepting custom cat tree orders. These sisal and wood designs are unique for being square rather than round, and they are also shipped assembled, a bonus if you’re not very handy with tools. It also means that your cats can play with their new furniture as soon as you open the box!

If your holiday shopping list includes a household gift for the cats, Moderncat Designs is another shop to check out. They, too, believe that function and style are not mutually exclusive, and they also ship internationally.

Finally, no discussion of modern cat furniture is complete without mentioning the Hollywood Franklin Tower and the Mullholland Franklin Tunnel. Designed by an architect and named in honour of his cat Frank, even the website is attractive and pleasing to the eye.

So there’s no need to have the traditional, carpet-covered cat furniture in your sleek mid-century modern or Scandinavian designed flat. And, as an added bonus, sometimes the furniture that’s the best looking is the most environmentally friendly as well.