Aby-a-Day – Day 312 of 365

These are some photos I’d completely forgotten, from the first time I brought Jacoby to the office with me. It happened to be on his four-month birthday, August 14, last year. I wanted to see what he’d do when he met my Flat Cat



Back off, you threatening stranger!


But then, of course, he goes to make friends…so much for Mr. Tough Guy!

Very Aby Holidays – Custom Collars and Tags

There’s something of a controversy among cat people when it comes to collars. Some people think cats shouldn’t wear them, others think they should be the breakaway kind. Others will tell you the collar should be sturdy and not come off in case the cat gets outside.


I think collars should be loose enough to go over the cat’s head, but strong enough to stay on, personally. I also vastly prefer leather than any other material. And the absolute best cat collars I have ever seen are the braided kangaroo leather collars from HiTide Creations on Etsy. Sally’s collars are excellent, beautiful, and light. She also makes leashes, and she and I designed a harness for Jacoby. These collars are one piece, and they slip over the cat’s head easily. Because they’re round and so light, they don’t cause the “collar neck” that wider, heaver collars do.

Once you have the collar, you need to put identification – even an indoor cat can get out sometimes. Etsy has a wide variety of artists who male wonderful name tags: Stamped Forever, Hug a Pug Studios, Make Your Dog Smile and Pat’s Design all make lovely tags that are so much nicer than the mass-produced tags.

If your holiday shopping includes ID for your cat, remember that the contact info should be current and up to date. Think about putting an email address instead of your home address. If you live in a building, your apartment number is far more important than even a phone number. My cats have snuck out my door and wandered the halls of buildings I’ve lived in before, and they were put back in my apartment by the super because they knew which apartment was home.