Aby-a-Day – Day 315 of 365

Today is Remembrance Day, so, of course Jacoby, being Canadian, wore his poppies.


Lest we forget…

Very Aby Holidays – LL Bean & Land’s End: Not JUST For Dogs!

You may think of Land’s End and LL Bean as places to shop for tote bags, superior winter clothing, and leakproof boots, but they’re also great places to shop for your cat! Land’s End says their pet items are “Just for Dogs,” but cats can use them, too!


I mean, Jacoby loves his Squall Jacket, so obviously they’re not just for dogs! And if you want to kick it up a notch, you can get a matching jacket for yourself!

LL Bean also identifies their items as being “Dog Beds and Accessories”, but many of thse can also be used by cats, especially the beds. I want to get one of their new Wicked Good Cuddlers. My mom has something like it at her house (she calls it the “slumber ball”), and it’s the cats’ favourite place in the house.

Trick and Maddy2

Just ask Patrick and Maddy!

I also like Bean’s Waterhog Pet Placemats, although we don’t have one. We do have Waterhog mats in both bathrooms under the litterboxes as well as in our kitchen and entryway, and these are actually favoured scratching areas for Tessie. If you have a horizontal scratcher, these mats make excellent scratching “posts.” We’ve had our current mats for over two years, and they don’t show much wear at all, despite being vigourously and enthusiastically scratched on a daily basis.


Gun-Hee used to love the Bean Waterhog mats, too.

Right now, LL Bean is offering free shipping through 20 December and a free $10 gift card with a purchase of $50 or more, so they’re worth checking out if you’re searching for something different for your favourite kitty this holiday.