Aby-a-Day – Day 316 of 365

When Angel sleeps in front of the TV, she really relaxes.


Just look at her tail!

Very Aby Holidays – Reading is Fundamental

Despite the fact that it’s the 21st century, and an almost infinite number of resources are available via the internet, there’s still nothing quite like a book. Today’s holiday shopping tip features some of my favourite new cat books.

Planet Cat is a great general resource that covers just about every aspect of felines from genetics and breeding to popular culture and cartoons. It presents the information in a fun, cheerful “soundbite” format peppered with black and white illustrations. It’s a useful book to have around and it’s the exact kind of book to leave in the bathroom for random browsing.

I’ve always thought that books based on blogs were kind of ironic, but there are some that are definitely worth reading. Homer’s Odyssey – A Fearless Feline Tale is a story of a black cat without eyes – imagine Angel times two. Despite having lost both his eyes to a bad eye infection before he was 3 weeks, Homer is braver than most cats and even saved his human from an intruder one night. This book resonated with me because I could see some of Homer in Angel.

I’ve mentioned Sparkle, the award-winning author, supermodel, and ruddy Somali blogger, but since then I’ve gotten her towo books and they’re actually quite fun to read. They feature Sparkle’s “Cat-to-Cat Advice” and a lot of very night photographs.

One book I couldn’t live without is The Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook. Even though we have the internet and apps for that, I still rely on this book. I bought my first copy in 1983 (soon after it was published) at the CSU Sacramento campus bookstore with the (rather disappointing) money I got from selling back my textbooks after my first semester of college and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I referred to it just last weekend when we needed to rebandage Jake’s foot. Now in its third edition (it’s been reprinted once before), this is the book


Finally, if you’re looking for some fiction feline reading, I cannot recommend the Warriors book series by “Erin Hunter” (actually three authors) enough. There are actually four epic hexologies (I guess that’s the term, if three books is a trilogy), along with several manga sets (which do add to the overall story) and “field guides.”

It’s actually such a sweeping tale encompassing so many generations, it has it’s own Wiki to help fans keep track of everything. And when I say these books have everything, I do mean everything: Romance, intrigue, murder, epic battles, betrayal, power-hungry schemes, deception, mysticism, prophesies, ceremonies and a quest are just some of what happens in these books. Although these are marketed as “young adult” books, they’re enthralling reading no matter how old you are. Remember, the Twilight and Harry Potter books were meant for younger readers, too. The story of Firestar and ThunderClan and its feral Warriors is no less captivating.

Other People’s Abys – Movie Critic Kitteh

This morning, I Can Has Cheezburger featured a very sleepy Aby kitten watching the end of Memento.

Everybody’s a critic! I’ll bet he’d rather be watching The Cat From Outer Space!