Aby-a-Day – Day 317 of 365

Good news! We went to the vet again today to have Jacoby’s foot checked…and he’s healed enough to not need to have it bandaged any more. Which is good, because he really wasn’t very good at keeping the bandage on his foot.


He will have a scar, and his one claw will probably need to be trimmed carefully to keep it from growing into the toe next to it…but, three weeks to the day that he got his foot caught in the escalator, he’s pretty much entirely recovered!

Very Aby Holidays – Carriers for Jetsetting Kitties

Even if you never travel with your feline friend farther than the vet’s office, it’s nice to know that you could take them along on vacation if you wanted to. Having a comfortable carrier that both your cat and the airlines approve of is key.

People swear by the famous Sherpa Pet Bags, and they are nicely designed. To be honest, though, they are not my favourites. They tend not to keep their shape and sort of collapse in on the cat while he’s inside.


I much prefer the Roxy bag by Petote. When I brought Angel back from California to Boston, this was the carrier I got for her. She loves it. When we’re at the vet’s office, she views it as her safe haven. It also doesn’t look like a pet carrier, so when you’re in the airport or out shopping, no one notices that you have a cat with you!


One word of warning, though: if you have a clever, strong cat, this may not be the bag for you. It has a handy “peephole” so your cat can stick his head out, but the flap is held closed only by Velcro, and a strong, clever cat who really wants to get out (like Jacoby, for example) can force their way out fairly easily. It works with Angel because she doesn’t want to escape.


The best carrier I’ve found in all my years of living and traveling with cats is the Snoozer Roll-Around. It’s roomy, well-reinforced, and versatile. It can be used four different ways: As a regular carrier, as a rolling carrier, as a backpack, and as a car seat. It also has two roomy exterior pockets for leashes and other accessories, which is key, because a lot of pet carrier makers think pet owners don’t have to bring anything with them but their pets when they’re out and about.


Even though Jake has his stroller, there are times when it’s more efficient to use his carrier. When we went to the vet yesterday, the car-seat function came in very handy!

If you’re thinking of getting a carrier for your cat, be sure to shop around for a sale. Both of the bags I’ve mentioned are available from Petco; with a sale and free shipping, you can save quite a lot of money.