Aby-a-Day – Day 318 of 365

When we went to Petco last week, I couldn’t resist buying Jacoby a red fleece snowflake hoodie.


Jake is the most tolerant cats on the planet.


Also one of the most goofy.

Very Aby Holidays – Litter Cabinets

If you have to share your bathroom or kitchen with a litter box, the most elegant way to do this is with a litter cabinet. These are gaining popularity and are easy to find online these days. Here’s a few I really like.

Here’s what our bathroom looked like before we discovered litter cabinets:

If we had more space, I would be all over this spiffy Cat Bench with bed and litter box in one! It would be perfect to keep in a den or work room.

There are actually websites devoted to the litter cabinet, believe it or not. Cat Litter Furniture and Designer Cat Box both offer litter cabinets in all sizes and configurations. Some have a pull-out shelf so you can clean the litter box more easily; if we had room for putting a litter box in our bathroom sideways, I would be all over these cabinets.

For smaller homes and litter boxes (and cats!), the Corner Litter Cabinet is a tidy solution to fitting a litter box in an apartment.

Modernist Cat offers a litter cabinet that can be customised with your choice of finishes and which also can be fitted with either wheels or legs.

We currently have the Cat Washroom from Petco, which you can find in their brick-and-mortar stores as well as purchase online. If you wait for a sale and find a free shipping coupon, you can get these cabinets for a very good price. I really like these because of the covered shelf; you can store things without clutter. Our cats really like to hang out on top of the cabinet while we’re doing stuff in the bathroom, and it also makes a handy grooming table! We used to have your standard covered plastic litter boxes, and I can tell you, the litter cabinet is so much nicer. Just look at the improvement in our bathroom!