Aby-a-Day – Day 319 of 365

The holiday post about litter cabinets reminded me of this photo:


Y HELO THAR paparazzi!

Very Aby Holidays – Etsy Innovations for Cat Trees and Elevated Dining

Etsy is a pretty obvious choice when you’re looking for handmade cat toys, or collars, or name tags. But what about cat trees? While Etsy isn’t your reflexive “go-to” site, Etsy actually has several talented artists who create incredible cat furniture.

Fittingly enough, Incredible Cat makes cat trees and beds using shed- and shred-proof faux fur, black rope (just a touch more elegant than natural tan sisal), and sprigs of wire-free silk ivy. These trees would look great in just about any home, and what cat wouldn’t love a luxurious furry bed?

For more rustic kitties, NikNik Enterprises makes simple scratching posts with real logs and tree branches with the bark still on. It’s perfect for cats who were once allowed outside but for safety’s sake are now indoor only.

Cats Love Us also incorporates natural branches in their cat trees; their Rustic Spiral Staircase would be wonderful in a corner with a window, and at almost 7′ tall with six levels, it offers something for every cat.

If you’re looking for a realistic cat tree, with leaves, be sure to check out Pet Tree Houses. I love these mini tree forts for cats. Made of dragonwood branches with silk leaves with carpet and sisal rope, these trees “bring the outside in for your pets, giving them a more natural environment.”

Bur for the ultimate realistic tree experience, Fantasy Forest takes the cake. They don’t have many designs, but the ones they have are amazing. Their Hidden Hollow tree is a 6′ marvel that looks like it came straight out of a Disney cartoon. What cat wouldn’d enjoy a tree like that.

Another thing that Etsy sellers make that you might not expect are raised feeding stations. Veterinarians recommend feeding cats and dogs from raised feeders for a number of reasons: better digestion, better posture, and less stress on their joints among them. If you’ve been looking for a raised feeder, Etsy artists have some wonderful options.


We have a double diner set made by Merlin’s Bark Products. It’s not fancy, but it does the job and fits into our kitchen well.


Of course, Jacoby tends to hog the thing when he eats…

Woodin You also sells wooden elevated dishes, and they also make toy boxes, tags, collars, leashes and a lot more.

If wood just isn’t your thing, Designer Dining may have just what you want. Their gorgeous mosaic pet bowl holders, incorporate a variety of tiles, glass pebbles and stones in their designs; they truly are works of art that can be used every day.

At the other end of the spectrum, Trendy Pet‘s pet feeders are an elegant, sleek mid-century modern take, made of durable plastic.

Stoney Creek Dog Bowls uses polished granite to make their feeders, which they say can also be used as a memorial when your pet passes on.

Don’t like the holders? Don’t have room for them in your tiny kitchen? ArtzFolk makes single bowls with their stands built in. You can also have them personalised with your cat’s name!

Cats need two things: scratching surfaces and a place to eat. Etsy has a lot of solutions to both these needs that you may not have considered before.