Aby-a-Day – Day 320 of 365

Jacoby got a sample coat from Barb at Emilio Poochi this weekend.


Of course, Jake had to model it for the camera.


Are you sure this is my good side?


Angel had to come see what was going on, of course.


I don’t like the way the flash affected this photo (or the way Angel’s retouched eye looks), but I do like their expression. I need to work on this one some more…I’m sure I can do more with it.


“Damn kids and their damn flash photography…” mutters Tessie the Curmudgeon as she pushes past Jake.

Very Aby Holidays – Get Your Kitty Geek On

I’m always pleasantly surprised when I find cat toys and furniture where I’m not expecting to find them. One of my favourite non-pet store places to buy my cats presents is that headquarters for all things geeky, ThinkGeek. You may not have known, but along with their Star Trek 3D chess boards, their Dungeons & Dragons dice ice cube trays and their collection of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory’s T-shirts, they carry quite a few awesome toys for geeky kitties, too.

To help your cat channel his inner Godzilla, their Cats Attack! Scratching Post may be just the thing. Add one of their micro-mini radio-controlled helicopters, and you’re well on your way to filming the epic YouTube video “Kit Kong!”


You’ve already seen Jake’s Cat Play House fighter plane, which I bought for him from ThinkGeek. They also have a tank and a firetruck available, if your cat gets airsick. I can personally vouch for the popularity of this glorified cardboard box – Jake still plays with it, as you can see in this photo taken October 30th!


ThinkGeek was also the first place I saw the invaluable Bolt laser toy. The best thing about this toy is that when you turn it on, it runs for a good 15 minutes and then turns itself off. It’s the perfect distraction if you have a cat who tries to sneak out the front door – turn the Bolt on in a back bedroom and make your getaway while the dancing beam of light holds kitty in its thrall. The Bolt’s creators also make the Sway, a magnetic toy, and they have recently unleashed a new laser toy on the market just in time for the holidays: the Dart.


If you’re looking for a gift for the dog owner on your list, check out the Canine DNA Breed Identification Kit, which is supposed to tell you exactly what breeds are mixed into your mixed breed. I wish they had one for cats – I’d have Kylie tested in a heartbeat!

This is something I’ve never understood: cats see greens and blues better than other colours, but most laser pointers are red. Leave it to ThinkGeek to solve that problem and offer Green laser pointers. Of course, at the moment, Green laser pointers are rather more expensive than the common red ones, but if you’re in a mood to spoil your kitty, this one could very well be the geekiest gift for the cat who has everything.

ThinkGeek also carries the Pet’s Eye-View Camera (aka the “Cat Cam”), if you’ve been thinking of getting yourself a little stocking stuffer.


Apparently Abys and geeks go together…who knew?