Aby-a-Day – Day 322 of 365

Angel sleeping on top of the cat tree. She looks like a pumpkin!


I love to get close-ups of her “bad” eye, and while she’s asleep is the best time to take them.


It looks like a normal, closed eye…but at the same time, it doesn’t.


I often wonder what she would look like if she hadn’t rejected her prosthetic eye.


Would she be able to close it? Or would she have been sleeping with one eye open?

Very Aby Holidays – Petco and Petsmart

I know it seems kind of obvious, but when shopping for special treats for your cat, don’t forget about the big box stores. You can find some great buys, even here. I tend to shop at Petco more than Petsmart, simply because there have been more Petcos near where I’ve lived…so if you detect a slight bias, that’s all it is.


A nice thing about Petco and Petsmart is their rewards programs. These work even if you shop online, so when you set up your online account, be sure to include your rewards card number. Once a quarter, we get a coupon good for 15% or 20% our entire purchase from Petco.


Remember, too, that there’s a much larger selection in their online stores, and you can often find well-known name brands. Our litter cabinets and the carriers I wrote about over the weekend were all purchased from Petco online. They also carry an ever-expanding line of cat food; all of the best brands are available, including Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance, Wellness, Core, Royal Canin, Halo, AvoDerm can all be found on their shelves along with Friskies and Fancy Feast. Petco is also the exclusive carrier of the awesome Soulistic cat food (headquartered in Natick, MA). Soulistic’s major claim is they use “ingredients you can identify,” and our cats just love anything they make, especially the gelées.


But the best thing about Petco and Petsmart is their accessibility. They’re generally open 7 days a week til 9pm. They’re also open on most holidays. Which is something to keep in mind if you want to get a big ticket item for your cat. Check out Petco or Petsmart on New Year’s Day. It’ll be open, but quiet, and there’ll be some killer year-end inventory bargains to be found. This is when we bought our sleek black cat trees: Petco on New Year’s Day. And don’t forget that pets are welcome to shop with you. In fact, they can be a great socialising exercise; when I was training to become a Pet Partner, it was recommended we go to Petco or Petsmart often to help the animal half of the team become “bulletproof” in the face of bright lights, loud noises, other animals (not just dogs but prey species) and strangers.


Trust me, I’m all about the small, local, boutique shops and sellers, but the big guys have their merits, too.