Aby-a-Day – Day 323 of 365

Jacoby in his stroller, outside the hair salon in the other condo building in our complex.


“They see me rollin’, they hatin’.”

Very Aby Holidays – Cat Fishing

What do cats like to play with? Bugs, birds and other fluttery things. Fishing toys, made with furry, feathery fluffy toys attached to a stick with fishing line or thin wire, are wonderful interactive toys for you and your cat.

The Rolls Royce of cat fishing toys are Neko Flies cat toys, made from natural and synthetic materials the same way fly fishing lures are. I haven’t tried out these toys yet, but they will make an appearance in some good kitties’ stockings this year. I can tell you the customer service is phenomenal and the shipping – despite being from Canada – is lightning fast.

One other point of interest about Neko Flies: the company is named after the creator’s mother’s Abyssinian, Nekochan, so once again, the Aby Army strikes again!


We have a fly fishing lure cat toy attached to a metal pole in our entryway (that’s where all the magnetic surfaces are; it’s attached to the closet doorjamb with mega-magnets). It doesn’t get a lot of attention these days, but it was one of Gun-Hee’s favourites. It’s amazing how high he could jump!

MetPet also sells real fly fishing lures for cats, along with Birds-on-a-wire and other rod & line toys. I’ve ordered sparkleball toys (Tessie’s favourite) from them in the past, and I have to say, their shipping can be a bit slow, so take that under advisement if you’re ordering for Christmas. If their response time is that slow in July (they didn’t charge my card for at least a week), it’s bound to be even slower during the holidays.

Of course, you can always go into your local flyfishing shop and buy real fishing lures, as long as you can cut off the hooks yourself. You need to cut them very close to the body, and either sand the cut edge down or protect it with tape or epoxy to be sure it doesn’t hurt your cat, but it is a way to make your own realistic wand toys. I recommend the Mouse fly especially; these can be found in very large sizes that can be turned into toys that don’t have to be attached to a stick. Other fun choices are the larger Frogs, Bunny Leeches and Divers.


Stores that carry fly tying materials are a great source of natural fur and feathers for homemade cat toys (because regardless what we humans think, cats prefer real fur). I’ve made cat toys from deer and squirrel tails, and don’t forget Jacoby’s beloved rabbit face from last Easter!


Okay, it may be a bit…off-putting…to have a skinned rabbit face looking up at you from the floor, but when the cats love them as much as they do, you tend to overlook your personal feelings in the matter 🙂