Aby-a-Day – Day 324 of 365

I have to admit…all of these holiday posts are getting me a little excited for Christmas.


We’re going to storage tomorrow to get the tree, stockings and the turkey pan. Then, next weekend…


Jacoby gets his secret fort back.

Very Aby Holidays – Harnessing Your Cat

You’ve heard me rave about the Gooby Freedom Harness, and with good reason. It’s pretty much the best harness I’ve found yet for cats. It’s fairly escape-proof, it seems comfortable (at least, the cats don’t seem to mind it as much as a lot of harnesses).


As for leashes, the best I’ve found for cats is thePlanet Dog Zip Lead Retractable Leash. Retractable leashes are great for cats, but unlike the Flexi-Leads, the Zip Lead is only 6 feet long when fully extended, and it has a soft loop that slips onto your wrist, so you keep your hand free – a huge disadvantage to the Flexi-Leads.

Unfortunately, for therapy visits, retractable leashes are not allowed, so Jake has a custom leather leash and harness made by our friend Sally at HiTide Creations.

One last note. You may have read about or seen the Cat Walking Jacket and wondered if it was as good as it sounds. It may be, but it doesn’t work on Abys. I got one and tried it on Angel, and she was able to get out of it in under a minute. It also just didn’t seem that comfortable, so I really couldn’t blame her escaping it.


If a cat (especially an Aby) figures out how to get out out of something, it’s pretty much worthless after that. And Angel is the least likely to try to escape from her harness! So while the Walking Jacket may work for some cats…I’ll stick with the Gooby harnesses with my little ticked Houdinis, thanks.