Aby-a-Day – Day 325 of 365

My tabby-point Siamese, Patrick was put to sleep today. He lives in California with my mom, and he just turned 16 last month; within the last week he started just…fading, in the way that older cats do. Trick had lost half his body weight (and he did not have hypothryroid), his kidneys were failing, he was severely dehydrated and he could not maintain his body temperature (his temp at the vet was 94° – normal for a cat is 101.5°). He also had a dark area on his lungs in an X-ray, and there may have been other things going on as well, but they stopped running tests on him.


It’s hard to be sad when he had such a long life, and he was fairly healthy until just this past week, so he didn’t suffer at all. I am just so happy that we went to see him this year when we went to San Francisco. We took Amtrak on the Sunday of that vacation to go to Davis, and went to see him as much as we went to visit my mom, and it turned out to be the best thing we did the whole trip.

Patrick was adopted to be a friend for my seal-point Siamese, Harri. He was almost 3 when I got him, and he was always more cat-oriented than people-oriented. You could be gone for a month and he wouldn’t notice, but when Harri went to the vet without him for a few hours, Trick would get really upset.

After Harri died, Trick was miserable; even though we had Kylie and Tessie, because he just didn’t like female cats (he was a very peculiar cat). But when Gun-Hee arrived, Patrick was happy to have another friend.


When Gun-Hee died, Patrick became very depressed, even though we had Kylie and Tessie at the time. He never bonded with them; he only liked boycats. So I took him back to California to live with my mom and her two boycats, Baxter and Madison. He was so happy there for the last two years of his life.


If Gun-Hee had not gotten FIP and died, though, Patrick would have stayed here, with us…Even though they were 12 years apart in age, Patrick and Gun-Hee became close in the two years after Harri died.

My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today…He hunts with StarClan now.

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 325 of 365

  1. Even though he had an amazing life and you recognize that, it always sucks to lose a wonderful friend. I’m so sorry that he’s no longer here. At the same time, I’m so happy that he had such an amazing, wonderful life and that he’s going to get to see his friends again. I try not to express too much on my beliefs regarding afterlives when I talk about grief, but, well, I really, really hope that Patrick, Harri, and Gun-Hee are all somewhere together, butting heads and grooming each other. Makes me smile and cry a few happy tears to think of them like that, and I didn’t even know them.


    1. Thanks…
      To me, Gun-Hee is the hardest loss, since he was so young (1 year 9 months) and it happened so quickly (10 days from diagnosis to death). Harri was 15, and had had hypothyroid and bad arthritis since he was 13. It’s not like it was a surprise when his time came. Patrick was luckier than Harri: he never had the arthritis or the thyroid issues…but he always had dodgy kidneys and needed prescription diet when he was younger. Still, 16 is a good long life, and in some ways, Patrick’s old age was more comfortable than Harri’s.

      Still…they were the best of friends, Harri and Patrick. I’m sure they’re together now, where ever that is.


      This was taken the Sunday before Harri died. Did he know he’d be leaving us soon? I think he did.

      Gun-Hee…sometimes I think he came back as Jake. At least he’s here, watching over him. Why else would he be so lucky?


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. He did live a nice long (and I assume spoiled) life, but it is always hard to lose a family member. Sending good thoughts your way.


    1. Yes, Trick was spoiled. He was an odd cat…he would sleep with me, but only draped over my feet, which could not have been very comfortable! He was also so cat oriented, it took him a long time to really acknowledge me as his person. We were more “roommates,” if that makes sense.

      But then again, I didn’t need him to be “my” cat…he was always, first and foremost, a cat companion for Harri, and he did his job masterfully.


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