Aby-a-Day – Day 327 of 365

One month ago today, Jacoby had his harrowing escalator emergency at Broadway T station.


Today he wishes to show off how well his foot has healed.

Very Aby Holidays – Colourful Name Tags That Are More Than Just a Pretty Face

Even if your cat is an indoor cat who never goes outside unattended (or even attended, for that matter), a collar and tag are still an important thing to have. Accidents can happen, and even the most agoraphobic cats can find themselves on the wrong side of a door. Of course, microchipping is a great way to protect your cat, but even chips have their shortcomings. Microchips are invisible and require a special reader to identify the animal, and most people who find your cat won’t know if there’s a microchip present or not.


Blanket ID, a Canadian company, has come up with a clever and attractive solution to this problem. Their tags provide access to vital information to ensure the return of your pet quickly and safely. Through Blanket ID, when your pet is lost, email broadcasts with photos are sent to to local SPCA, shelters, hospitals, and other local BlanketID members. Currently, this broadcast service operates throughout North America. The tags are small, lightweight, silent, scratch resistant, waterproof and come in a variety of great designs and colours, and can be easily updated online. Their customer service is also just amazing; Martin and Cate will answer emails quickly and they’re wonderful to deal with.


Another favourite of mine, Rossi Pet Tags, has a huge selection of engraved tags, with more fonts and graphics than any other tag company I’ve found yet. More than just collar tags, I use these on their carriers as an extra ID. I have also made a bunch of these for myself, and put them on my own bags and on my camera. They can be engraved on both sides, and there’s a huge selection of fonts and small graphics to further personalise your tag. Check with Jennifer if you have something special in mind; as you can see on Angel’s purple star, they were able to engrave Korean characters as well as English.