Aby-a-Day – Day 328 of 365

I started preparing our Thanksgiving turkey last night.


Jacoby helped.


It’s a 21lb turkey. He’s an 11lb cat. You have to admire that kind of ambition.


He actually licked the turkey while it was still wrapped in plastic. Goofball.

Very Aby Holidays – Holiday Feast Fixings

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, a day that people claim is about “giving thanks,” but we all know what it’s really about…eating. And why should your cat be left out of your holiday feasting? He can sit at the kitty table and enjoy Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner canned food. I love this stuff and it’s been a holiday staple in our house since 2007 (and it’s not just us: Sparkle the Somali and her family love it, too). Besides turkey, it’s made using potatoes, green beans, and even dried cranberries, so it really is Thanksgiving in a can! However, your trendier cats may prefer their Turducken, with sweet potatoes, peas, carrots and cranberries, instead.


Every Thanksgiving feast should have some appetizers, and Catswell makes some wonderful treats; Jake and Angel go crazy over Breathies Chicken Jerky with mint and parsley, which is also good for their teeth. Another treat they love is Wellness Pure Delights. Jake and I discovered these at our vet’s office and he loves them. He will even eat them when we’re out, which is saying a lot. Zukes Natural Purrz cat treats are also apparently very tasty; Jake’s chewed into the package to get to these treats! These are all softer, more “meaty” treats, so they’re great for training.

You may not believe me, but some cats just don’t like canned food, or they’re extremely picky about what flavours they will eat. This is actually a problem with Kylie, who will walk away from her canned food if she doesn’t like the type of meat. Luckily, Whole Life DeVour for Cats solves that problem. Made of freeze-dried, human-grade white meat chicken with ground dried peas and cranberries, just sprinkle a little over your cat’s food and watch finicky turn into famished. Our four know what the container looks like and sometimes they’ll wait until I’ve put some on their dinner before they’ll start eating. It can also be mixed with water to make a gravy, and it can be stirred into dry food. It’s a local product, too; the company’s headquarters are in Pittsfield, MA.

Finally, this time of year I am always reminded of Bird, the Abyssinian. Leave it to an Aby to get stuck inside a turkey!