Aby-a-Day – Day 330 of 365

Thanksgiving was a carnivorous celebration in our house. This was our dinner:


And this was the cats’ dinner:


I know their dinner doesn’t look as impressive as ours, but they enjoyed it.


Angel is a nervous eater, and she doesn’t like to eat around the other cats, so she eats in the bedrom.


She always “buries” her food when she’s finished eating it so the other cats won’t eat it. She’s very diligent about it, too; if one of the sheepskin rugs are nearby, she’ll use it to cover her leftover food.


But don’t worry…they got plenty of our turkey as well. As if we could not share it with them!


So, for the next week or so, we’ve got Jake over a barrel. He’ll do just about anything for a little white meat.

Very Aby Holidays – A Little Flash and Zazzle

Looking for a unique gift? Something that you know no one else will give? Thanks to digital photography, there are several companies that can help you turn your favourite photos into fantastic gifts.

Zazzle allows you to turn your photos into a variety of items, but my favourite is their photo sculptures. I haven’t found any other place that makes photos into standup cutouts for such a great price.


They do an amazing job. I sent this photo of Jake and Angel playing just to see how their statues turned out and I was very impressed. They cut out everything I didn’t want, but didn’t cut out anything I wanted to keep, and they did it all without any instruction from me.


These photosculptures are made of sturdy Plexiglas, and they can made into more than just statues. They can also be made into pins, magnets. keychains and ornaments.


They’re a lot of fun to have on your desk at work, and they’re a little more interesting than framed photos. I’ve been giving these to family and friends for birthday gifts and they are always appreciated.

Flashbags are unique bags made in Vermont from recycled newsprint and plastic. You can have your own photograph made into a durable totebag, clutch, checkbook cover, file folder or placemats.


I love their bags, which I have given as gifts using some of my catart photos. In the photo, you can see how large – and how sturdy! – these bags are (and yes, that’s a Rossi Pet Tag attached to the handle). I almost always get asked about these bags when I use them around town, and it’s nice to have something that’s not only original but also environmental.