Aby-a-Day – Day 331 of 365

I put up our Christmas tree and the other holiday decorations up this afternoon.


Of course, I had help.

Very Aby Holidays – Accessories for Travelling Cats

The holidays are a season for travelling, and many people can’t imagine spending holidays without their cat. Contrary to popular belief, some cats do like to go places with their people, and while travelling with a cat is somewhat easier than travelling with a baby, there’s one thing that’s always more difficult: finding a place to spend a night that will also welcome your cat. However, all Red Roof Inns are pet-friendly and the Cat Fanciers’ Association has a 20% corporate discount for exhibitors, judges, family and friends. There are a few basic rules, but if you ever need to travel with your cat, whether for a vacation or a cross-country move, just remember Red Roof Inns are your friend.



Another item that comes in handy if you travel with your cat is the Sturdi Products pop-up shelter. Mainly used as personal exhibition cages for cat shows, this portable house is great for travel (especially if you need to stop at a Red Roof Inn – even if you don’t keep your cat inside it the entire time you’re in the motel, it will reassure the fussier desk clerks that the carpet and furniture will survive your cat’s stay unscathed. It also comes in surprisingly handy around the house. We kept it set up for Gun-Hee during most of his life, and he came to see it as his lair. He would take things he wanted to hide from us and store them there. It was also the place he’d go when he wanted to be alone. I’ve just set it up for Jacoby today, so it will be interesting to see if he loves it like his brother did.


We also used it as a place to put him when we were doing something dangerous or intricate with which we didn’t want or need any Abyssinian assistance. He minded incarceration in his “house” much less than he minded being shut in the other room, because he could see and hear what we were doing.

One more note on travelling with your cat: it helps if your cat has his own bag to carry the things he needs on a trip. Of course, you could always just pack your cat’s things along with your own, but I’ve found it’s a whole lot easier if Kitty’s belongings are organised and packed into their own bag. Two that I’ve found useful come from LL Bean: The Carryall Tote Bag (I use one of these as our therapy visit bag) and the Microfiber II Tote Bag. Both are well made and well designed with lots of pockets so you can find what you need when you need it. Don’t forget, LL Bean has free shipping until December 20.