Aby-a-Day – Day 333 of 365

While going though old photos looking for pictures of Gun-Hee and Patrick, I found this photo of Angel, taken about a week after we adopted her.


I was struck by the resemblance to this recent photo of Jacoby:


I guess there’s a reason the ancient Egyptians carved so many likenesses of them back in the day.

Very Aby Holidays – Abys on Etsy

It’s really amazing how many Abyssinians can be found on Etsy.

My most recent discovery is The Magic Sleigh’s holiday cat ornaments, including this perfectly charming Aby fellow helping with the Christmas lights.

Dusty Rose Designs has some wonderful porcelain cat items, and she also makes custom orders. She made these wonderful portrait sculptures of Jake and Angel based on my photographs.

You’ve seen my Orange-Brown (Aby) Cat at the Wine Bar tile hanging above the bathroom sink in the photos of Abys “helping” in the bathroom. Lulunjay makes over 200 different tile designs featuring different breeds of cats and dogs (and other animals) engaged in such whimsical endevours as drinking tea, taking baths and doing laundry.

I love Magic Bean Buyer’s Kittehs. They come in all different colours, but I think her Brown Kitteh looks a lot like Jake!

Another favourite of mine are Drenculture’s letterpress notecards. I have a set of his Aby With Butterflies cards…but they’re almost too nice to use!


And of course, no post about Aby (and cats in general) Art would be complete without Teri Persing’s Fat Cats. I’ve posted about these charming, chubby little guys before…but I just love them. Teri’s always coming up with new patterns and colours, so her shop can be dangerous to visit if you’re low on cash…but you will never, ever be disappointed when you adopt a FatCat (or six).

Greenies watched my YouTube video!

I got an email today from YouTube, with a comment on the video of Jake taking his pill in a Pill Pocket:

TheGREENIESBrand has made a comment on Jake Takes His Pill:
We are so happy that Jacoby enjoys Pill Pockets!

I’m sure they go through YouTube searching their products’ names…which by the way is the kind of day job I need! But it’s cool to know that they watch these things.